Management Program

Training at Fire, Inc. Atlanta

Fire, Inc. is a different company than most.  Unlike other companies which hire management from outside when they need to fill leadership positions, Fire, Inc. only promotes from within.  That means that every one of our managers and owners was once an entry-level sales representative with the company.  We feel, it is more effective to lead and operate a profitable company when you understand what your team is working for.  It gives our managers more creditability when they’ve proven to be successful working from the ground up.

There is no glass ceiling at Fire, Inc. and everyone who works with us is given the tools and training they need to potentially run and manage their own office. We provide a comprehensive training program to help develop our employees as leaders who can manage a team, run a business, manage the sales process and, most importantly, produce results.

This program can take anywhere from 2 years to 6 months depending on the individual, their work ethic and learning curve.

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