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Are you interested in working for Fire, Inc. Atlanta? Being a part of the team is a unique and rewarding experience — and one that is guaranteed to help you step outside your comfort zone and grow in your professional life.  But don’t take our word for it.

We’ve compiled the stories and reviews of current team members to help you understand just what it is like to work for Fire, Inc.  Check out the following reviews in order to learn what it is like to be part of our team.


“When I applied I was looking for any entry level position, but to my surprise it was something absolutely different.  I chose to stay because of that opportunity.  I love how Fire Inc. is educational and fun, there’s always someone around to help others with their  development.  There are all types of people with all types of personalities who work here and that makes the environment all the more interesting.  What I like most about Fire Inc. is that it is 100 percent merit based.  I know that I am in full control of my future and career and that’s a great feeling.

If you’re interested in applying I suggest you come prepared for different challenges and always have a great attitude.  But I would love to tell the world that this is no trick.  The growth behind Fire Inc. is 100 percent official and this is really the best company to be a part of if you are truly ready to start your own business.”

-Dextanie Tackett

“I’ve worked at Fire, Inc. for about a year now, and I love the great atmosphere, environment, and the opportunities for growth. Really, the atmosphere is competitive, but it’s also helpful and fun.  We have the best people here.  Everyone is motivated and talented and has the best personality. And everyone is supportive.  I think the most fun I’ve had was the business trips and playing whoorly ball with the team. “

-Review from Jordan Lucas Clark, Fire Inc. Employee

“I chose to apply because I was looking for a job, but the atmosphere here is tremendously upbeat and exciting.  Fire Inc. is a great for focused individuals who want to flourish. Everyone who works here is energetic, and I like that there’s no glass ceiling.”

-Review from Idris about Fire Inc.

“There are all different types of people from all different backgrounds.  From people who went to law school, to engineers, it’s very diverse.  You meet people from all walks of life.I’d suggest that everyone who is interested in applying to be ready and willing to learn.  People who have an unmatched student mentality and who hit the ground running are especially good.

This really is the best business to make your foot print in.  The sky is the limit. There are other firms that do the exact same thing we do, but none match Fire Inc.’s exciting, yet challenging familial bond. I have fun every Thursday during nights with the office.  You never know what to expect!”

-Danielle Shepherd, Fire Inc. Review

“I felt that I had the skills to be a vital part of this company and so I decided to apply.  I stayed here because I have seen a real opportunity to grow with Fire, Inc.  The company is very energetic and upbeat, and the people that work here are from all different backgrounds, looking to grow and exchange knowledge.  I love the freedom at Fire, Inc. and the exchange of knowledge.

-Fire Inc. review by Manny from New York

“So Fire is actually an acronym.  It’s FIRE, and it stands for Fostering Independence Respect & Excellence.  It is exactly what the name means!  I am excited to be a part of this opportunity, and I have a lot of fun.  The most fun is definitely a draw between winning Lil Wayne Young Money concert tickets or winning Hawks vs. Celtics play off tickets!

The dynamics of an entrepreneurial program which allows an individual to exert their own abilities and yield their own results is the reason why I applied here.  I knew that Fire Inc. would allow me to take my goals and dreams and make them a reality, it was simply a no brainer.  The atmosphere here is super amazing, high energy, competitive and fun.  The people that work here are people with highly motivated personalities.  We hold ourselves to high standards and high integrity, we are competitive, but we really care about one another.  I love the opportunity to make a difference in the individuals I talk to whether they be trainees or clients.  If you are offered a position here, be ready for the ride of your life! “

-Angel Tamara Rice, Fire Inc. review

“I wanted to be part of something big.  Big enough to foster my potential, so I applied with Fire Inc. The environment here is exciting.  Everyone is pumped, there’s music playing all day, and it’s always a rush to come to work.  The thing I like most about Fire, Inc. is that they buy into my success.  It’s really a cutting edge company, and I think that anyone who is applying should be ready to give it their all.

The most fun I had with Fire, Inc. was a roadtrip where we bonded with our team.”

-Thomas McConico

“I’ve not been at Fire Inc. for very long, but I started working here because of the opportunity for growth and decided to stay because of the atmosphere.  Actually, atmosphere would not be an appropriate description.  A family, a force, a gathering of future leaders of tomorrow- goal oriented leaders- that’s the environment here. I love the openness of success and desire for more here. Everyday here is the most fun I have ever had.”

-Raju Ali

“I wanted to develop myself in a competitive environment, and Fire Inc. is perfect for that. Fire Inc. is full of energy, passion and opportunity.  The people who work here are full of passion and have a great student mentality, and there is a great team work spirit. Everyone here provides mutual help and is very cordial.”

-Bo Feng


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