Fire, Inc. Atlanta Publix Marathon

Publix Georgia Marathon

Since its founding in 1971 Hosea Feed the Hungry and Homeless has distributed more than $3 billion in supplies to Georgia counties, three other states, and to places throughout the world.  Supplies included food, clothing, medical supplies, toiletries, educational supplies, furniture, and cleaning supplies.  They are committed to the principle that education and self-help much fortify charity work so recipients learn to break the cycle of poverty.

In 2012, Fire, Inc. sponsored Manissha Elavia in the Publix Georgia Marathon in order to raise money for Hosea.  The Publix Georgia Marathon is a premier destination for long distance running, and over 30 charity fundraising groups used the 2011 marathon in order to raise funds for their causes.  Manissha finished among 1876 other finishers, and came out of the event knowing that she had raised money to support a worthy cause.

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