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Malcolm Elavia

Malcolm Elavia grew up in Montgomery, AL to a family of immigrants. Since he was young he's been a people person with an interest in making an impact on other people. He started working early, and had a range of jobs growing up that included working at the local go-kart track, helping out at his parents' hotel, and landscaping. This background prepared him well for a future in business, and he started his career in Atlanta upon graduating with a BSBA concentration in Marketing from Auburn University. Malcolm then moved to Charlotte, NC in September of 2005 to open his own marketing firm. After expanding into 4 markets he returned to Atlanta with Fire, Inc. He loves Atlanta for the variety of people, cultures, personalities, excitement, and adventure that is always present and around every corner. Since 2005 Fire, Inc. has branched into 12 offices and plans to continue growing and expanding. As for Malcolm himself, he is in exactly the place he's always dreamed of. "I'm enjoying life and cherishing every moment of it. I want to have a great family and eventually start a non-profit foundation to help raise awareness for various charities and other noble causes." Malcolm considers his greatest talent to be able to see the good in most any and all situations, and spends his free time exploring new ideas, trends, and adventures.

Yanin Salgado
Office Manager

Yanin Salgado is originally from Guerrero, Mexico. At the age of seven her family moved to Atlanta, Georgia and within four months she was fluent in both English and Spanish! She enjoys building relationships, networking and watching people hit their goals. In school, she always strived to make good grades and be a leader in the clubs and organizations she was a part of. Being a member of the Future Business Leaders of America, was where Yanin discovered she had a passion for business. Her career with our company began in December 2014. Yanin started as a Junior Executive and was quickly promoted into the Corporate Trainer position. Following her hard work and success as a Corporate Trainer, she was promoted to be a part of the management team as Director of Human Resources. Yanin's goal is to provide opportunity for those within the organization to grow and develop. Her motivation and passion are her family and she sees the business as being part of a growing family as well – where everyone can help and support one another. Words she lives by: "Work for a cause, not for applause. Live life to express, not to impress. Don't strive to make your presence noticed, just make your absence felt."— Anonymous