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Malcolm Elavia

Malcolm Elavia grew up in Montgomery, AL to a family of immigrants. Since he was young he's been a people person with an interest in making an impact on other people. He started working early, and had a range of jobs growing up that included working at the local go-kart track, helping out at his parents' hotel, and landscaping. This background prepared him well for a future in business, and he started his career in Atlanta upon graduating with a BSBA concentration in Marketing from Auburn University. Malcolm then moved to Charlotte, NC in September of 2005 to open his own marketing firm. After expanding into 4 markets he returned to Atlanta with Fire, Inc. He loves Atlanta for the variety of people, cultures, personalities, excitement, and adventure that is always present and around every corner. Since 2005 Fire, Inc. has branched into 12 offices and plans to continue growing and expanding. As for Malcolm himself, he is in exactly the place he's always dreamed of. "I'm enjoying life and cherishing every moment of it. I want to have a great family and eventually start a non-profit foundation to help raise awareness for various charities and other noble causes." Malcolm considers his greatest talent to be able to see the good in most any and all situations, and spends his free time exploring new ideas, trends, and adventures.

Jessica Griggs
Office Manager

Jessica Griggs was born and raised in Auburn AL. After graduating from Auburn she then moved to Birmingham AL. to begin her professional career. Having experience with many jobs such as property management, retail management, and leasing agent she found her strength in leadership roles. It’s because of her management experience that she excels in her current role as a Human Resources Director. This position facilitates her desire to meet new people, travel, and experience new things. Growing up in a small town these were some of the goals she shrived for. While creating opportunity for the organization she works hard to exceed her goals in hopes to be the Organizational Director of Human Resources. In this role she will do exactly what she set out to do. Travel to new offices, meet new people, and experience things she had only hoped for back in Auburn. Not only will she have reached her goal she will be a part of one of the fastest growing industries. Creating new opportunity, developing others, and paving the way so that others may reach their goal and all they set out to be. 

Mario Davis
Assistant Manager

Born and raised in Decatur, GA, Mario Davis attended Rockdale County High School. His first love was football and he went on from playing at Rockdale for four years to attending the University of Massachusetts on a football scholarship. He stayed at UMASS for two years before moving to Virginia and enrolling at Virginia State University where he graduated with a BBS in Business Management and Sports Management. It was these degrees that led to his current achievements in the business realm. Mario has excelled at his career at Fire, Inc. Atlanta where he quickly emerged as a top leader. One of Mario's great talents is in how he is able to develop his team, and he creates leaders much like himself in any team he leads. This talent earned him an Assistant Manager position at Fire, Inc. Atlanta where he has helped to develop the office as a whole.

Yovanna Momplaisir

Yovanna Momplaisir is a native of San Francisco, California. Growing up, she lived in various parts of the United States, which gave her the opportunity to travel across the country. She spent most of her time in Costa Rica, where the core of her family is from. That was the last place she lived before moving to Atlanta, Georgia, and receiving her BA degree in Business Management. Yovanna has always had a passion for business. She's always enjoyed building relationships, growing and developing others, and watching people hit their goals. She was promoted into management within 10 months of starting at FIRE as a result of her drive and tenacity and will to succeed. She has a background in sports - basketball and track - and enjoys the arts. Words she lives by: "The secret to having it all is believing you already do."