There is quite a long list of cities that most people think of as fun.  Cities that are up to their ears in night clubs, fine dining, and cultural attractions. Cities like New York, or San Francisco.


The problem is that these large cities also have the dubious honor of being incredibly expensive.  For a US Average of 100, New York scores a 169 while San Francisco has a hefty score of 199, according to Sperlings.


America’s most affordable and fun cities

So where do you want to go if you want to have a great time but you don’t want to mortgage your life away?

The Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Company just partnered with Onboard Informatics and reviewed 6,106 zip codes in order to answer just that question.  Every zip code evaluated contained a median home price that was within 20 percent of the state’s median home price, and was judged based on the greatest number of bars and restaurants.


Sure, bars and restaurants aren’t the only things that make an entertaining city, but they aren’t a bad metric either.   A lot of the cities involved are college towns like Newark, Hattiesburg, and


Athens, GA ranks number 24 for its eclectic nightlife and “one of the South’s most progressive culinary scenes,” which is an interesting comment in itself.  Meanwhile Richmond, VA is noted in reviews for its locally owned establishments and Memphis comes in at 18 for its variety of bars, dining, and musical venues.   Gainsville, GA also was rated in the most fun, affordable city list, partially due to number of casual dining, southern cuisine, and fine dining establishments.


The number one most fun, affordable city, however?  According to the report, it’s Ocean City, MD.  With a popular waterfront, pubs, and nightclubs making up “three miles of pure entertainment” this city takes the cake for the very best in affordable fun.


Sounds like a road trip is in order.