Halloween may be behind us now, but there is still time to announce the winner of the Fire Inc. Atlanta pumpkin carving contest and continue the festivities a bit longer.

We received a bunch of great entries this year, which made it hard to choose a winner.  Most of the pumpkin entries that we received were carved, although there were a couple that made some additions to the traditional form. Some, including this year’s winner, went the extra mile and added quite a bit!

Here at Fire Inc., we judged the pumpkins on  originality, quality of work, title, and the materials used. The finalists ran the gambit from nautical and fantasy themed, to cute and humorous.  Check out these great entries!

The High Seas- Fire Inc. Atlanta

This pumpkin was entitled The High Seas

The Avengers- Fire Inc. Atlanta

This one was the Avengers.

Pumpkin Piggy- Fire Inc. Atlanta
Take a look at this adorable Pumpkin Piggy!


Puking Pumpkin - Fire Inc. Atlanta

Puking Pumpkin partied a little too hard on Halloween

Pissed Pumpkin- Fire Inc. Atlanta
Pissed Pumpkin… the can is a nice touch

Jack O Lantern Family -Fire Inc. Atlanta

Three designs in one with this Jack O’lantern family

Goblin- Fire Inc. Atlanta
Goblin is happy to see you!

Belichick's Ball - Fire Inc. Atlanta

Belichick’s Ball is beautiful in the dark

Flying Dragon - Fire Inc. Atlanta
And this fantasy themed Flying Dragon pumpkin rounds out our finalists


But the winner of this year’s pumpkin carving contest was this entry, entitled “Pitching out his bum”


Pitching Out His Bum - Fire Inc. Atlanta


Awesome pumpkins!  Congratulations to our winner and to everyone who participated!