When going on a job interview, your goal is to impress your potential employer. But, how does one go about doing so? In this article, you will learn how to have a successful job interview.

Any successful job interview involves properly preparing yourself beforehand. For instance, does you resume have all of your current information? Do you have a proper, professional outfit to wear to the interview? The interview is not likely to go well if you arrive with an outdated resume or sloppy appearance. Also, it does not hurt to do a little research on the company. Your interviewer will be very impressed if you can tell them a little bit about their company.

1. Always arrive on time. Nothing gives a poor impression than showing up to an interview late, even if only by a couple of minutes. Try to take into account the time of day, traffic, and distance to the potential employer when figuring out how long you will need to get there. If possible, try show up a couple of minutes early.

2. Be sure to properly greet your interviewer. Slang words and head nods are not very professional. When introducing yourself, shake hands and look into their eyes. Even if you are nervous, do not let your interviewer see it. Do not sit down until you are told to so.

3. The interviewer is probably going to ask you a lot of questions. He or she may ask about your experience in the field of their company, what skills you have for the field, and what makes you equipped for the job. Be sure to think about the answers to these questions prior to going into the interview so you do not have to scramble for an answer. It may even help to learn some of the lingo and impress your interviewer by speaking in “the company’s terms.”

4. Always appear engaged and focused during the interview, no matter how you may think it is going. A lot of interviewers tend to observe whether or not their interviewee is focused on the conversation on hand, not spacing out or thinking about other matters. Body language is just as important as the words you speak, so proper posture and other physical cues could make or break the interview.

5. Always be yourself and be honest, as well. In this day and age, it is very easy to find out information about a person. If the interviewer thinks you may not be telling the truth about something, such as experience, it would be rather easy for them to do their homework on you. If they find you are lying, you can kiss the job goodbye. No matter the question, answer it 100 percent honestly.
As you can see by reading this article, having a successful job interview is not as difficult as you may think. With some practice and tips above, your next interview is sure to be the best, most successful one you have ever had. Check out some of Fire Inc’s jobs here.