It seems more common than ever that innovative individuals willing to work hard are finding success through the Internet. From blog writers to independent sellers, today more than ever, it’s possible to be your own main source of income.


Recently in the news was the wild success of kindergarten teacher Deanna Jump, who has made over $1 million in the past year-and-a-half selling her own lesson plans to other teachers. Jones uses the popular site TeachersPayTeachers (TPT), which enables educators to post and sell lesson plans they believe others may be interested in.


Obviously, Jump has by far been the most successful teacher on the site, but the potential for others to reach her level of success is inspiring nonetheless. It keeps alive the idea that we can be in charge of our own destinies and—with enough hard work and innovation—achieve even our loftiest goals.


It’s not just about having a great idea, though. A large part of being successful with anything on the Internet has to do with networking. Jump’s TPT success was helped immensely by the fact that she already kept a personal blog with thousands of followers. Through her blog, she was able to point readers to any new products posted, and begin selling almost immediately.


She also dedicates around 40 hours per week to TPT projects in addition to her full time teaching job. The combination of innovative lesson plans, a medium through which to sell, excellent networking skills, and dedication has created success for Jump. So, while this same level of success is available to everyone, it’s definitely not guaranteed and takes an immense amount of work.