Simply and plainly defined, a leader is one who has followers.  A leader deserves to have followers if the leader has earned recognition.  Authority alone is no longer enough to command respect.  

  • A leader sees things through the eyes of followers, walks in their shoes, and helps them make their dreams come true.
  • A leader does not say, “Get going!”  Instead, a leader says, “Let’s go!” and leads the way.  A leader does not walk behind with a whip, but is out in front with a banner
  • A leader assumes that followers are working with him/her, not for him/her; considers them partners in the work; and sees to it that they share in the rewards.  A leader glorifies the team spirit.
  • A leader duplicates herself/himself in others, is a person builder, and helps followers to grow big by realizing that the more big people an organization has, the stronger it will be.
  • A leader does not hold people down but lifts them up.  A leader offers a hand to help followers scale the peaks.
  • A leader has faith in people, believes in them, trusts them, and thus draws out the best in them.  A leader has found that followers rise to their expectations.
  • A leader is a self starter who creates plans, and sets them in motion.  A leader is a person of thought and of action – both dreamer and doer.
  • A leader has a sense of humor, is not a stuffed shirt, and can laugh at himself/herself – has a humble spirit.
  • Leaders can be led, and are not interested in having their own way, but in finding the best way.  A leader always has an open mind.