New apps come out every day. And sometimes, it’s hard to know which ones are the keepers and which ones are the duds. With hundreds of apps coming out each week, that’s a lot of information to sludge through. And if you’re not into spending money to make sure your apps are quality, it can be even more frustrating.

Because of this, Fire Inc. Atlanta has gone through them for you!  Some of these are apps that will help improve your productivity, others are ones that will just make your life more fun.  But they’re all worth a look!  Here are some of the newest, most useful, apps recently released that you might find useful. Oh yeah, they are all free, too.

1.     Xbox SmartGlass: Microsoft’s official app, which allows you to control your Xbox from your phone.

2.     Amazon Cloud Drive Photos: 5 GB of cloud storage for photos. Accessible through Androids (phones and tablets) and computers. Sharing capabilities for Facebook and e-mail.

3.     18 Months: Companion app for Calvin Harris’s newest album. You can play all tracks in full… but you’ve got to dance to keep it playing.

4.     Snapchat: A real-time chatting app that allows you to send photos to friends with a time limit that wipes them afterwards.

5.     The xx: An interactive app to go with the xx’s new album, Coexist. Users who digitally own the album get videos for every track, artwork (interactive), news and notifications from the band, music videos, lyrics, and ticketing information.

6.     Bamboo Paper: A note taking app for your phone. Using a stylus, you can make quick sketches or write notes to flip through later.

7.     Belikin MediaPlay: Assistant app for playing videos and music from your phone on a TV or media system, and vice versa.

8.     Photo Warp+: A photo “warping” app that allows you to apply a variety of effects to photos.

9.     Find a Tradesman: Allows access to a database of tradesmen for home-improvement jobs.

10.  Goalmaster | Goal Tracker: Helps you track personal goals and ambitions, analyze your progress, and share your successes with others via Facebook.