In this issue of the Elavia Org newsletter, the theme is the power of focus and to keep your eye on the prize. The issue starts off by referring to a motivational pep talk given by former Dallas Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson. Johnson told his team not to be distracted by the crowd, media, or even the thought of losing; but to just focus on each play of the game. “Focus is everything. The team that is more focused today is the team that will win this game” said Johnson; a quote we can all apply to each and every task. The Cowboys overcame odds to win a football game with an end score of 52-17 by simply keeping their focus.

The issue has highlights and quotes from a few different managers about the Keys to Success conference in Atlanta. Along with a great photo collage! The newsletter features two interviews; one with Assistant Manager, Dominic McCray and the other from Vince Taweel. The interviews touch on things as simple as them telling a little bit about themselves, but also go in as deep as them giving advice to up and coming managers.

One of the newest expansions was with Aws Al-Hadith in Rockville, Maryland. He opened with an elite group of leaders all who are super motivated, competitive, and all have a very clear vision and are ready to make it happen! It explains how his company’s name, Noormax, is two words in Arabic put together which mean Maximum Light.


 We are also introduced to Maria Camargo, the HR director for Noormax. Maria started as a leader and was well known for being organized, having a caring nature, and having a student mentality. These attributes have led her to be a successful individual, and she also is looking forward to 2013.  


To read the newsletter in its entirety, see: Elavia Org News Jan/Feb 2013