Branding is an incredibly important step of the marketing process.  If you can’t figure out how to properly communicate your business to the public then not only will you find it difficult to acquire new customers, but you’re unlikely to keep the ones you already have.

What makes a good sales message?  A good sales message is one that explains to the customer just why working with you will help them and why your product is worthwhile to their individual lives.  The most important question a customer has is, “why is this important to me?”

This means that even  if you think your marketing message is clear, it may not be useful to the customers that you’re trying to attract.  Make sure to include messaging that actively answers the customer’s primary question.

Does your product make it easier to train new employees?  Does it increase leads or improve communications?  Is it easier to use than your competitors?  Figure out just what your products’ strengths and benefits are and then sell that message to your customers.  If you’re having difficulty thinking of a benefit you might have a bigger problem than just your branding.

Once you’ve figured out what the best qualities of your business are, include metrics.  How much easier is your product to use?  How many more reports can your software put out?  How much cheaper is your service?

With your benefits laid out and metrics included, your marketing message moves from something vague and broad to something incredibly personable and directly relevant to the client.